Sixty Plus Mediclaim
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Policy is primarily designed for Senior Citizens.Senior citizen and his/her spouse can be covered on individual basis in one policy and at least one member should be a senior citizen


  • Sum Insured: 2,3 & 5 Lakhs
  • Entry age for the policy is 60-80 Years.
  • If only a single women senior citizen gets covered under the policy, then a discount of 5% will be given on the primary member’s premium.
  • Co-Pay of 10% is mandatory. For an additional co-pay of extra 10% i.e. for the total co-pay of 20% a discounted premium will be charged.
  • Attendant benefit of maximum of Rs. 800/day or actuals whichever is less, up to Rs. 5,000/-, Rs. 7,000/- &Rs. 10,000/- per hospitalization for 2,3 & 5 Lakhs respectively will be given after providing relevant support documents.
  • Children can take the Policy for their Parents for availing higher tax benefit under 80D for senior citizens.
  • If both the Husband and wife are covered under one policy, where one of them is above 60 Years of age then the other can be below 60 Years of age.
  • In the event of unfortunate death of one of the insured or the spouse, then the other person can continue under the policy even if he/she is under 60years of age.
  • For fresh policies Health Checkup is Mandatory.If the proposal is accepted then 50% of the cost of medical checkup will be reimbursed.
Title Description
Ambulance Expenses 1% of SI per hospitalization
Attendant Allowance Attendant Benefit of up to Rs. 5000/-, Rs. 7000/- and Rs, 10,000/- per hospitalization for the Sum Insured of Two, Three and Five Lakhs respectively subject to the limit of Maximum Rs. 800 per day or actuals whichever is less.
Co-Payment 10% co-pay is mandatory.Voluntary Extra co-pay of 10% i.e a total co-pay of 20%
Donor Expenses Covered
ICU Daily Rent Limit 2% of Sum Insured
Minimum Hospitalization Period 24 hours
No Claim Bonus No cumulative bonus
Non-Allopathic Treatments Not covered
Post Hospitalization Expenses 60 days
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage After 48 months of continuous coverage
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses 30 days
Room Rent Limit 1% of Sum Insured