Care Heart Floater
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Care Heart is a heart insurance plan that offers coverage for pre-existing heart illnesses. A specific heart insurance product, it serves as an ideal health insurance for cardiac patients i.e. those with pre-existing heart ailments.


  • No Maximum Age Limit
  • No Pre Policy Check up
  • Reduced PED Wait Period
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Cardiac Health Check-up Free Every year
Title Description
Room Rent Limit 1% in 3 Lacs SI, Single Private Room in 5 Lacs & Above
ICU Daily Rent Limit No Limit 5 Lacs & Above, 2% in 3 Lacs SI
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses 30 Days, Maximum upto 5% of SI
Post Hospitalization Expenses 60 Days, Maximum upto 5% of SI
Minimum Hospitalization Period 24 hours
Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured upto Sum Insured
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage Covered after 24 months
Waiting Period for New Policy 30 Days
Co-Payment 20% per claim
Medical Screening No Pre Policy Check up
Free Health Checkup Cardiac health check up annually
Ambulance Expenses SI 7 Lacs & Above 3k, SI 3 Lacs, 5 Lacs 2k Per Hospitalisation
Non-Allopathic Treatments Up to 25% of Sum Insured
No Claim Bonus 10% Every Year, Maximum upto 50%