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my Optima Secure is a unique indemnity health insurance product which covers expenses incurred on hospitalization due to Illness or Accident


  • Base Sum Insured (in Lakhs):- 5/10/15/20/25/50/100/200
  • Policy options:- Family Floater - A maximum of 4 adults and a maximum of 6 children | Individual policy - A maximum of 6 adults and a maximum of 6 children
  • Tenure:- 1 to 3 years
  • Age limit:- The minimum entry age for a dependent child 91 days and maximum entry age is 25, Maximum age for adult 65 years
  • Secure Benefit:- doubles the insurance cover you buy, instantly and automatically. This means that you get a 2X coverage from day 1
  • Plus Benefit:- Base cover increases by y 50% after 1 year, and 100% after 2 years, irrespective of any claims made
  • Home healthcare:- This policy covers treatment availed from comfort of homes, and as per everyone’s convenience on cashless basis
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation:- Secures all medical expenses during Domiciliary hospitalisation.
  • Value buy:- This option gives discount on your premiums, by opting to pay an initial deductible amount for claims made in any policy year. You can choose any deductible amount and enjoy up to 50% discount on your premium.
  • Loyalty discount:- With it, you will be eligible to get a discount of 2.5% on the base premium if you have an active retail insurance policy with premium above INR 2000.
  • Family discount:- Get discount of 10% if two or more family members are covered
  • Long term discount:- discount of 7.5% and 10% if the policy is purchased for a 2-year and 3-year tenure respectively.
  • E-Opinion for Critical Illness:- Once per insured person (for 51 defined major illnesses)
Title Description
Additional Cover for Critical Illness My: health Critical Illness Add On with Sum Insured options of Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 500,00,000 in multiples of Rs. 100,000
Ambulance Expenses Road: Up to Sum Insured Air: Up to 500,000
Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured Up to 100% of Base Sum Insured for any illness any insured person
Co-Payment No co-payment shall apply if Insured Person from Tier 2 avails a treatment in Tier 1.
Daily Hospitalization Allowance my:Health Hospital Cash Benefit (Add-on) INR 500/ INR 1000/ INR 1500 /INR 2000/ INR 2500 / INR 3000 / INR 5000/ INR 7500/INR 10,000 to cover your out-of-pocket expenses.Daily Cash for Choosing Shared Accommodation 800 per day (max up to 4,800)
Day Care Procedure Coverage All Day Care Treatments covered
Donor Expenses Covered up to Sum Insured | reimbursements for medical expenses incurred for organ donor’s in-patient treatment for harvesting of the organ donated.
Free Health Checkup Individual policy SI 5L: Rs 1500 |SI 10L: Rs2000 |SI 15L: Rs4000 |20L, 25L & 50L: Rs5000 |100L & 200L: Rs8000 ||| Floater policy SI 5L: Rs 2500 |SI 10L: Rs5000 |SI 15L: Rs8000 |20L, 25L & 50L: Rs10000 |100L & 200L: Rs 15000
ICU Daily Rent Limit SI less than 50L: Up to single AC private room | SI 50L and above: All room types covered
Medical Screening May be required based upon the age and basic sum insured.
Minimum Hospitalization Period 24 hours
No Claim Bonus Cumulative Bonus (CB) 10% of the Base Sum Insured in respect of each claim free Policy Year, subject to maximum cap of 100%. If a claim is made in any particular Policy Year, the CB accrued shall be reduced at the same rate at which it has accrued.
Non-Allopathic Treatments covers in-patient hospitalisation expenses alternate treatment methods viz. Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.
Post Hospitalization Expenses 180 days, Up to Sum Insured
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage Covered after 36 months
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses 60 days, Up to Sum Insured
Room Rent Limit SI less than 50L: Up to single AC private room | SI 50L and above: All room types covered
Waiting Period for New Policy 30 days initial waiting period | 24 months waiting period on specific illnesses & surgical procedures